Thatched Roof

India’s Leading and Most Durable Nature Thatched Roof – Eco Resort and Eco Cottage Construction

We have Created Eco Resorts and Eco Cottages

Traditional Appearance having all the Modern Facilities

Specialists in Natural Thatch

Old Era:

Thatched Roof Eco Resort ,  Thatched Roof making and manufacturing company works in this field for more than 100 years. From the ancient period my ancestors were involved in this field.

New Era:

I Mohamed Hussein, basically a Civil Engineer, from the last two decades, I modify and modernize the ancient .

We Thatched Roof Eco Resort Roofers carry out our business venture all over India (29states and 7 union territories) and in nearby countries such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal. We are planning to extend it further in gulf countries.

Roofing   Interior­  Ceiling

Bamboo Frame   +  Bamboo Mat

Wooden  Log Frame   +  Bamboo Mat

Wooden Frame  +  Bali Thatch.

Wooden Frame  +  Thatched Roof

Bamboo Frame  +  Bamboo Roof

Roofing  Exterior

Thatched Roof  ( Grass Roof – 200 MM Thickness – 20 Years Lifespan)

Coconut Leaf Roof ( 4 Years Lifespan )

Inherently the Natural Materials kept in Seasoned, Treated its high durability

Lifespan More than 20 Years

Let’s Use Highly Treated and Applied preservative

Why Choose Natural Thatch?

We Assure High Quality Natural Thatch:

20 years Life Span.


100% Water Proof.

High Wind resistant.

UV Rays Resistant.

Weather Resistant.

Snow Resistant.




No Radiations.

Cosmic Rays Resistant.

As it contains Natural fibers, it is Highly Strong.

Traditional appearance with Modernized Look.

Superior Comfort.


A boon of the God (wild grass) to create human nests under the stars of the universe.

Roofing Frame : Wooden Frame

Bamboo Ceiling and Exterior Water Reed Grass Thatch Roof.

Bamboo Ceiling and Exterior Bamboo Roof.