We create Eco Resorts and Cottages of any architectural style, roofing type and structural design. Inherently the natural materials have high weather resistance, UV resistance and the way we design our thatch ensures 100% water proof.

Though it has all these positive sides naturally, we have further enhanced our products by making it fire resistant and increasing its life span by 20 years.

We achieved this by making our thatches undergo various organic treatments. Our installation procedure is both unique and peculiar.

Thatched Roof Materials Details

Grass Name : Preservative Coated Water Reed Grass. ( Nature Thatch )

Exterior Roofing : Preservative Coated Nature Thatch

Interior Roofing : Preservative Coated Nature Thatch

Thatch Colours : Yellow and Brown

Thatched Roof Thickness : 250 MM

Roofing Frame Structure

Wooden Roofing Frame above Thatched Roof

Fabricated Metal Roofing Frame above Thatched Roof

Bamboo Roofing Frame above Thatched Roof

Why Choose Natural Thatch?

Increase Property Rental and Value

We Assure High Quality Natural Thatch

20 years Life Span


100% Water Proof

High Wind Resistant

UV Rays Resistant

Weather Resistant

Snow Resistant




No Radiations

Cosmic Rays Resistant

As it contains Natural fibers, it is Highly Strong

Traditional appearance with Modernized Look

Superior Comfort


A boon of the God (wild grass) to create human nests under the stars of the universe

Roofing Frame : Wooden Frame

Bamboo Ceiling and Exterior Water Reed Grass Thatch Roof.

Bamboo Ceiling and Exterior Bamboo Roof.